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Zhenghua Bamboo


Wuyishan Zhenghua Bamboo Products Co., Ltd.

Bamboo and wood product manufacturers

Mount Wuyi Zhenghua Bamboo and Wood Products Co., Ltd., registered in December 2004, mainly produces bamboo knife and fork spoons, wooden knife and fork spoons, bamboo toothbrushes, ice-cream sticks, bamboo sticks, bamboo strings, bamboo straws, bamboo tableware and other bamboo and wood products. The products are exported to Japan and Southeast Asia and other countries. Bamboo and wood tableware products are refined processing and export enterprises,

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Introduction to Bamboo Tableware

Various utensils and utensils used for distributing or ingesting food. This includes a complete set of bowls, chopsticks, knives, forks, plates, plates, pallets, wooden shovels, spoons, ladles, rice steamers, as well as various containers and handheld utensils with various purposes. Chopsticks are the most common type of daily bamboo and wood tableware. Bamboo and wood tableware are divided into bamboo tableware and wooden tableware according to their production materials


Domestic kitchen bamboo and wood products pay attention to the details of consumers' lives

Domestic kitchen bamboo and wood products pay special attention to the details of consumers' lives, try to meet consumers' consumption habits in details, reduce the complicated process of food production, and simplify it to one-key 0K type. All wooden tableware uses imported rubber Wood and black walnut, the wood


Product Features of Bamboo Tableware and Wooden Tableware

The biggest advantage of bamboo and wood tableware is that it is environmentally friendly and green, and more and more people around the world are using it. Bamboo and wood tableware is all made of bamboo or solid wood. It is exquisite and unique, not only practical, but also has artistic embellishment value. It is both practical and artistic decoration at home.


"Bamboo Substitute", starting from disposable bamboo tableware!

With the increasingly serious issue of "environmental protection" and the national call for energy conservation and emission reduction, finding alternatives to plastics has become an important issue. For example, at this year's Two Sessions, Hu Jiqiang, deputy to the National People's Congress and chairman of Kangenba Group, raised a question in the fourth group discussion of the Zhejiang delegation: "Have you ever thought that if many things in our lives can be replaced by bamboo, it will give What changes did the environment bring about?"